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Klaviyo vs Mailchimp – Which One is Better in 2024

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It’s important to understand the main differences between Mailchimp and Klaviyo when comparing these two popular email marketing services. While Klaviyo and Mailchimp both provide email marketing services, their target audiences and businesses are different. 


Let’s know about Klaviyo vs Mailchimp. Online shops looking to use consumer data for targeted marketing campaigns choose to pick Klaviyo because of its strong e-commerce integration capabilities. But Mailchimp is a more flexible platform that is perfect for start-ups and small companies that require easy-to-use email marketing solutions. 

The pricing systems of Klaviyo and Mailchimp vary greatly from one another. Because Klaviyo is more expensive, it provides advanced features like categorization based on user behavior and personalized product recommendations that have been customized for e-commerce businesses. 

Introduction to Klaviyo vs Mailchimp

On the other hand, Mailchimp provides a free plan with basic features that are perfect for small businesses looking to begin email marketing. However, you can need to upgrade to one of their costly plans when your list of subscribers grows, or you need advanced functionality like automation or A/B testing. 

Both platforms have drag-and-drop editors and simple dashboards in terms of user interface and usability. Still, compared to Mailchimp’s easier methodology, Klaviyo’s focus on information-driven conclusions can involve a higher learning curve. 

The decision between Klaviyo and Mailchimp ultimately comes depending on your budget and business requirements. Klaviyo can be a better choice if you value advanced e-commerce integrations and plan on spending money on a platform designed to improve user engagement through data-driven strategies. On the other hand, Mailchimp can be the best option for small businesses looking for a cheap, but strong, email marketing solution with easy-to-use functions. 

Feature Comparison: Analyzing the Strengths and Weaknesses 

To choose the best choice for your company’s requirements, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing systems like Klaviyo and Mailchimp. 

With its strong segment features, Klaviyo is well-known for helping customers to target customers with customized content. Businesses can create highly targeted ads based on client behavior and interactions because of its advanced automation tools. 

Yet, Mailchimp is a well-liked option for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and templates. Its segment skills, however, are not as advanced as Klaviyo’s, which can limit how customized advertisements can be. 

Klaviyo provides complete knowledge of consumer interaction measurements, including open rates, click-through rates, and income produced, during email campaign analysis. Businesses can improve their campaigns’ performance with the use of this data. 

Comparatively, Mailchimp provides campaign analytics as well, but it cannot provide the same level of data as Klaviyo. Companies requiring detailed campaign analysis could find Klaviyo more appropriate for their requirements. 

The decision between Mailchimp and Klaviyo is affected by many variables, including the level of detail of email marketing strategies, the level of customization needed, and money. A feature-by-feature comparison can help companies find the platform that best fits their goals and objectives. 

Pricing Structure: Costs of Klaviyo vs Mailchimp Plans

For reasons related to budget and decision-making, it is important to understand the pricing structures of email marketing platforms such as Klaviyo and Mailchimp. Let’s compare the prices of the Klaviyo and Mailchimp plans so you can make the best decision for your business. 

Pricing levels for Klaviyo depend on the number of contacts in your email list; a free plan is available for up to 250 contacts. You can select from many premium plans that provide more features and customization choices as your contact list increases. 

Yet, Mailchimp provides tier-based pricing according to subscriber count as well, with a free plan good for up to 2,000 contacts. More capabilities like advanced segmentation and A/B testing are available in their more costly plans. 

The comparison of Klaviyo vs Mailchimp costs for your company depends on factors such as contact list size, features that are required, and financial limitations. Because of its advanced automation features, Klaviyo could be more expensive for larger lists; still, Mailchimp can be a more affordable choice for start-ups with less complex email marketing requirements. 

You may choose the platform that suits your email marketing objectives and budget limitations by comparing the features and costs of Klaviyo vs Mailchimp. 

User Experience and Customer Support Comparison  

The user interface of Klaviyo is known for being simple to use and providing a smooth experience for users. Starting up campaigns, accessing the platform, and analyzing the data are all made simple by its layout and style. Yet, while Mailchimp has improved over the years, some customers now respect Klaviyo’s user interface to be a little easier than Mailchimp’s. 

Both Klaviyo and Mailchimp provide a variety of options for client help. Klaviyo gets credit for having quick and qualified support staff that answers questions. Customers value the customized care they have when they need help or have questions answered. In the meanwhile, Mailchimp provides customer service via a variety of channels, including live chat, email support, and a knowledge base. However, some customers have complained that Mailchimp’s customer support staff take time to reply or give dull answers. 

When comparing the simplicity of use of Klaviyo and Mailchimp, many customers believe the platform is easier to use as more when it comes to campaign setup, automation creation, and data analysis. Email design becomes easier using the platform’s drag-and-drop editor, which doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise. But with Mailchimp’s steady improvements in usability with features like automated processes and pre-designed templates, some customers still think that some components of the platform are less simple than Klaviyo. 

The decision between Klaviyo and Mailchimp comes down to personal preferences for the level of customer service and user experience. About email marketing software, each platform has special benefits that meet the requirements and preferences of various users. 

Data Privacy & Security with Klaviyo and Mailchimp 

In the digital age, data security, and privacy are important problems, especially in email marketing. Two well-known platforms with strong security features that support legality and reliability are Klaviyo and Mailchimp. 

Guidelines for data security are given top priority by Klaviyo and Mailchimp to protect the private information supplied on their platforms. On the other hand, some users find that Klaviyo provides advanced security features for increased protection when comparing its security measures with those of Mailchimp. 

With Klaviyo’s methods of encryption and safe data storage choices, consumers easily understand that their information is protected from possible risks. But others believe that Klaviyo going above and beyond in terms of data safety. Mailchimp, on the other hand, follows strict security procedures to protect user information. 

Email marketers can improve safety and audience trust by choosing a platform with strong data privacy and security abilities, such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo. Having data security as a top priority helps maintain a good reputation with consumers who respect privacy and reliability in their business interactions, along with protecting sensitive information. 


Klaviyo provides advanced automation, differentiation, and integration with top e-commerce platforms and is designed only for e-commerce businesses. Many online shops use it because of its strong features that are suited to their e-commerce marketing requirements. 

The cost of Klaviyo depends on your needs and is defined by the number of contacts in your email list. While Klaviyo can start at a higher price point than Mailchimp, companies looking for advanced email marketing solutions can find that its wide features and capabilities make the investment worth it. 

While Klaviyo’s skills in this area are deeper and designed only for e-commerce enterprises, Mailchimp provides automation and categorization options. With Klaviyo, audience targeting is made possible by advanced workflows, predictive modeling, and RFM analysis. 


The decision between Klaviyo and Mailchimp depends on many variables, including your spending limit, amount of technical proficiency, a preferred level of customization, and scalability needs. It is suggested that you try out both platforms using the demos or free trials to figure out which one best suit your email marketing objectives. You can increase the efficacy of your email marketing and improve business outcomes by making a smart decision based on your unique demands. 

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